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Stone Coated Steel roofs are 26 gauge zinc coated metal panel with an epoxy coating imbedded with colored granules.  They are available in 4 basic profiles: shake, tile, barrel tile, and shingle.  They come in over 20 colors to match any style of home or business.  These roofs are extremely strong and hold up very well in the harsh West Texas weather.

Hartman Roofing is the largest installer of Gerard metal roofs in Texas.  We have thousands of stone coated steel roofs on homes throughout West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  Gerard roofs are not easy to install compared to your standard fiberglass shingle roof.  It takes a very meticulous installer to put these roofs on correctly.  Hartman Roofing installs these roofs knowing that this may be the last roof installed on the house.  It has to be done correctly.  Hartman Roofing crews have been trained and have years of experience with stone coated steel.  No matter how good of product you use; it is only as good as the guy driving the nails!

Benefits of Stone Coated Steel Roofs

1.       Class 4 UL 2218 hail rating and Class A fire rating:  Qualifies for discount on insurance premiums.

2.       Energy Efficient:   Saves homeowner thousands of dollars on energy bill over a fiberglass shingle.

3.       Aesthetically Appealing:   These roofs “Pop”  They give your home excellent curb appeal.

4.       Test of Time:   Stone Coated Steel has been installed in the U.S. for over 50 years.

5.       Lifetime Warranty:  Gerard actually writes hail into their warranty.  Most products exclude any hail coverage under the roof warranty.  It carries 120 MPH wind rating while most fiberglass shingles are between 50 and 75 MPH.

6.       Lightweight:  Stone Coated Steel actually weighs less than a fiberglass shingle.


Hartman Roofing installations in progress.